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The decency of a city is to enable literati to open bookstores in the city; It is that the vulnerable can still have a dignified life under the control of the epidemic situation; During the construction of splendid venues, the public service facilities of microenterprises are also carefully designed and maintained, such as a public toilet.


Jun 06,2022/

奖讯 | ag九游会设计入围2022年度Architizer A+ Awards大众修建类最佳事件所

The 10th architect a+ awards in New York officially announced the final shortlist of this competition. GN architects was shortlisted as the best public projects firm of the year, and Flying Carpet was shortlisted as the best community centers.

2022年5月17日,纽约10th Architizer A+ Awards正式发布了本届大赛终极入围名单,ag九游会设计(GN Architects )入围了年度大众修建类最佳事件所 (Best Public Projects Firm),设计作品飞毯Flying Carpet入围最佳社区中心(Community Centers )

May 05,2022/

ag九游会设计 / 废弃厂房改革康养配套

The site of Blue Town Zhongyi Dragon Lake Project is located in Qinglong Lake area, which is the only national 3A scenic spot in Anqiu City, Weifang. But, the completion status of the five existing buildings in the site, whose original function were scientific research plants and offices, varies a lot ...

2019年头,ag九游会启动“潍坊中颐蓝城·桃花源康养综合配套办事中心”的设计。园地位于潍坊安丘市独一的国度3A级青龙湖景区内,地块内的5栋近况修建物原定功效是科研厂房和办公,修建的完成形态纷歧,有些刚完成布局主体,有些楼立面已竣工 ...

May 05,2022/

抱负社区:都会型康养 / 国华人寿首家国际康养中心

As an important support for the smart city project, Taopu Retirement Community, which is the flagship elderly care community project prepared by GUOHUA LIFE for nearly two years, started on January 10.


Apr 04,2022/


As a new form of urban economy interweaving and a unique urban space sample in the post oil era, a low-carbon, environmental friendly and sustainable theme Industrial Park also emerged at the historic moment ...

作为后煤油期间新的都会经济交错情势和共同的都会空间样本,低碳、环保、可继续的主题型财产园也应运而生:中国华能团体和南京市当局互助办事国度动力战略和双碳战略摆设,婚配南京地区开展特性,实施中国能谷财产开展计划 …

Mar 03,2022/

NEWS | ag九游会设计开创人沈利江当选 RIBA China Architect 100

On March 30, Mr. Shen Lijiang, founder and managing partner of Qicheng design, was successfully selected as one of the “2020-2022 RIBA China Architect 100”

3月30日,英国皇家修建师学会2020-2022中国百位修建师正式发布,ag九游会设计开创人、董事合资人沈利江老师乐成当选。China Architect 100是RIBA在2019年正式进入中国后最紧张的项目,在已往两年,RIBA以客体身份举行察看息争读,基于“包涵、品德、环保和协作”的战略代价观,以多元化和国际化视角开掘100位具有国际开展潜力的中国修建师。

Apr 04,2022/

垂直带谱 叠合都会 / 礼嘉伶俐公园创新中心西区设计

The project is located in the west area of Lijia smart Park Innovation Center in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing, with a total land area of 25.6 hectares, which is divided into four plots.


Jan 01,2022/


You may only see the "involution" around you, but you don't see those passionate, pluralistic and free designers. In Qicheng, they are you and your colleagues.


Feb 02,2022/